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Welcome to KIPFLEX Rubber Bladders & Inflatables

Kurwa Rubber offer KIPFLEX make Rubber Bladders & Inflatables for various Industrial and home applications, which are made from High Quality Fabrics coated with specially formulated Rubber Compounds on Hi-tech precision 3 roll Calendering and Spreading Machines.

The special features of our Bladders & Inflatables are that they are Light weight, Portable, Durable, Extra Strong, Compact (in deflated condition), easy to carry & transport, easy handling, Washable, UV Resistant, Each and every Bladder/Inflatable are tested inhouse for leakages, with Air & Water.
KIPFLEX Bladders are available in Expandable as well as compressible types in cylindrical/flat designs (Vertical and Horizontal) with attachments as per client's requirements. We specialise in Rubber Bladders for Surge Tanks, Accumulator Tanks & Foam Dispersion Tanks, but our range does not end there as we are equipped to design and fabricate inflatables upto 200cum capacity as per clients requirement for different service conditions and applications.
Application of KIPFLEX Bladders are found in various Industries such as Water Treatment Plants, Heavy Engineering Industries, Chemical Plants, Offshore Oil Rigs, Oil & Gas explorations, Fire Safety Control Systems, Marine application, Mines, Cement Plants, Petrochemicals, Refineries & Steel Industries.
Some of our other products are Rubber Membranes for Pulsation Dampeners, Rubber Bladders For Potable Water, Rubber Stopper Airbag, Rubber Pneumatic operated Dock Fenders, Rubber Coated Fabrics, Rubberised Pillow Tanks for Chemical Storage & Transportation, Rubberised Onion Tanks, Rubber Dams, Rubber Bladders for HVAC Tanks-Thermal expansion Tanks-Hydropneumatic Tanks-Hammer Tanks etc., Dosing Bags, Air Balloons, Airbags, Snow walking Pads, Dry Dock Lifters, Cushion Bags, Impact Bladders, Support Bags, Emergency & Rescue lifting Pillows, Aircraft Lifting Bags, Collapsible Drums, Gas collection Bladders, Inflatable rescue Boats,
KIPFLEX Bladders & Inflatables are manufactured with & without fabric reinforcements depending on the service conditions from various grades of Rubber i.e Chloroprene, BUNA-N, Butyl, Hypalon and EPDM with reinforcements of Cotton, Canvas, Nylon, Kevlar, Polyamide, Glass Cloth etc. in capacity ranging from 100 litres to 200000 litres.
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