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Kurwa Rubber offer KIPFLEX make Rubber Bladders for Vertical and Horizontal Surge Tanks, Accumulator Tanks and Foam Dispersion Tanks.

These Bladders are available in Expandable and Compressible type in a capacity range from 200 liters to 50,000 liters in all grades of Synthetic Buna-N (Nitrile/NBR), Neoprene, EPDM, Butyl, (Food Grade - Parma Grade) & Hypalon Rubbers with or without reinforcements.
The Expandable Bladders do not have any reinforcements and have a expanding capacity upto 30-40% of its original capacity. These Bladders are made from High Tensile, High Elongation and Low compression specially formulated Rubber. These type Bladders are normally used in accumulator Tanks, but can also be used in Surge Tanks. The Bladders can be filled with Compressed Air (Nitrogen) or Potable Quality Water. These bladders are available in Cylindrical Shape as well as in Flat Shape and are fitted with Rubber Flanges as per client’s requirements. Standard Flange sizes are 100NB 150NB 200NB 300NB & 500N
The Compressible Bladders are made from specially formulated Rubber with Heavy Duty Double textured Nylon fabric reinforcements and are fitted with Standard Flanges.  These types of Bladders are normally used for Surge Tanks which are filled with Water and the Bladder contains charged Nitrogen.  The Bladder can be compressed upto zero levels during surge operations.  These bladders can also be used in the reverse operation.
Easy Handling, Compact, Flexible & Light weight.
UV & Ozone Resistant
Suitable for Potable Water
Can be designed for any Diameter Tanks
HVAC Tanks
Thermal Expansion Tanks
Hydropneumatic Tanks
Pulsation Dampeners
Foam Dispersion Fire Protection Tanks
Surge Tank Bladder

 Rubber Bladders for Accumulators

Rubber Surge Tank Bladders

Rubber Surge Tank Bladders
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